We develop and deploy Information Security Systems for private companies and public organizations. We manage and secure the identities of employees, external employees, students and customers. We create customized solutions – from minimalist solutions to acute problems to robust systems that completely cover the company’s processes.

Identity Management (IDM)

Identity Management provides automation of the identity life-cycle and account distribution across an organization’s systems. The user interface then allows users to manage their own credentials, request or approve permissions. All this according to clearly defined rules. Each user thus gets exactly the access they need, and no other, to do their job.

  • IdM will ensure transparency in managing the people who work with your systems.
  • Access and rights are determined by rules. Forgotten or otherwise unauthorized accounts are eliminated. If an account is created as a backdoor for a future attack, IdM will detect it.
  • IdM actions are audited. This way, you will know why and how an employee received a given access.
  • Automation of privilege setting supports tighter access control, including, for example, the Zero Trust model – which is otherwise often abandoned just to save labor.
  • Access reports are easily retrieved from IdM, including, for example, a non-compliance report that clearly highlights accesses in violation of policies.

Access Management & Single-Sign-On

Access management improves application security by strictly controlling access to corporate applications, services and IT systems. Centralized authentication then provides users with a simple and user-friendly login.

  • Access Management improves the security of enterprise applications by strictly controlling access permissions.
  • Detailed access auditing provides a perfect overview of user access.
  • Single-sign-on delivers a unified login experience. Users don’t have to log into each application separately, and the corporate-customized form makes users less susceptible to phishing.
  • Multi-factor authentication also protects applications in case of stolen credentials.

Customer Identity Management (CIAM)

Customer Identity Management integrates Identity Management best practices into customer-oriented applications. You can provide your users with a perfect user experience while maintaining high security. Customer identities can be shared between systems to provide a personalized experience across your services.

  • Unlike company’s internal IAM, which is driven primarily by internal processes, it puts the customer at the centre of the action.
  • Provides customers with more options to manage their own account, using self-service portals.
  • Improves the UX of registration and login with reduced risk of account theft.
  • Allows to delegate authentication to other identity providers (Google, Apple, Facebook,… ), further simplifying user identification.
  • Processes user consents and complies with GDPR.

Loyalty Programmes & Discount Portals

Loyalty programmes or discount portals will provide users with the most relevant offers and help build a long-term relationship with your customers.

  • Offer Management Systems with advance search options allow you to track offers to match the exact needs of your project.
  • Implement offer detection or performance tracking and  you can get information about the popularity of offers and use it to create customized campaigns.
  • Connect your discounts to customer identities and take advantage of personalization options.
  • Integrate the service with other systems and extend the platform to your portals or mobile apps.


Application optimization and business process automation can help you get even very complex IT systems under control. By consolidating the infrastructure you ensure that your applications run reliably, predictably and securely.

  • Consult with us on application and infrastructure design to ensure optimal operational resources and predictable costs.
  • Need to move infrastructure? We provide smooth migration of applications and data.
  • We manage cloud and on-premise solutions, or a combination of both.
  • Application dockerization will unify your operational infrastructure and open the door to further automation.
  • Automated infrastructure deployment and management, including failover deployments, in high availability mode.
  • Secure configuration management including passwords and sensitive data.

In addition, we are able to provide complex data integration, create back-end for mobile applications or develop customized software. Contact us to find out with what we can help you.