We work with global head office of ISIC. With them we have created a platform which manages over 20 million cards issued in tens of countries, providing hundreds of student benefits and many integrations with partners’ systems on national levels.

These systems are ran in cloud in high accessibility mode with almost exclusive use of open-source technologies.

If you ever owned an ISIC/ITIC card, chances are it passed through systems built by us.

Technical solution:

Backend systems run in Java and Spring, frontend systems in Javascript (Vue3 among others) and PHP/Symfony5. By the way, did you know that Symfony4+Doctrine in PHP looks almost the same as Spring+Hibernate in Java?

Indexing is done by Elasticsearch and in partner frontend it can look like this. The platform runs on Amazon AWS in Docker containers which are automatically managed by Ansible.

Platform includes:

  • CCDB system – evidence and verifying, virtual card issuing processes and plastic cards production. The system maintains over 20 million cards, majority of data is drawn into the central database from national ISIC representatives whose platforms we also create and maintain.
  • OI system – online card applications for individuals and also Point of Sales branches’ card issuing
  • BM system – database for benefits, their providers and participating branches. Currently contains hundreds of benefits and allows you to display relevant ISIC discounts in your area through mobile app. 
  • OM system – maintenance of hierarchy of ISIC organisations and their users, used also for API accessing. In principle it is a taylor-made identity management tool for 20 milion global platform users.
  • GEO  system – Google Geocoding API and Google Places API database alternative. This system synchronises with data from Geonames (a free community database) .