Our projects have helped manage millions of users over the course of 17 years. We collaborate with large Czech and foreign companies.

Equa bank logo

The Orchitech project team attracted us with their experience from previous projects and their knowledge of IDM systems. After a successful Proof of Concept, we have decided to solve Equa Bank’s IDM with Orchitech. Although our requirements had been fixed from the beginning, we did not avoid changes, and Orchitech always came out to meet them. We have often found more suitable solutions together than those we had defined at the beginning. Eventually, the advantage of open source became apparent, allowing the solution to be adapted to run in our Kubernetes cluster.

Jaroslav Tichý
IT Security Specialist, Raiffeisenbank a.s.

Air Bank

„In 2019, we decided to innovate and expand our rewards program. As this is an area we had not had much technical experience with, we decided to offer this contract to external partners. Based on positive references and extensive experience with customer identities, we chose Orchitech. The cooperation was excellent from the beginning. Thanks to their high technical level and ability to react to changes in the project, the new system was completed on time.“

Ondřej Šňupárek
Director of IT Division, Air Bank

Jihočeská univerzita v Českých Budějovicích

„IdM deployed by Orchitech has impressed us with its speed and reliability. According to the RT system, we now handle 80% fewer requests. The remaining 20% are mostly just forgotten passwords. The solution covered all our needs, and within the promised timeframe.“

Ing. Jan Marek
Head of IT Infrastructure Management Unit, University of South Bohemia


“ISIC works with over 100 affiliated organisations worldwide. Thanks to the solution by Orchitech, every employee only has access to their relevant data. Each organisation can easily set to whom and to where they will grant access.”

Paul Keuning
IT & Operations Manager, ISIC Global Office

Univerzita J. E. Purkyně

„Prior to the IdM replacement, we had been plagued by failing connectors and duplicate student identities. With the transition to the new system, 22,000 duplicates were removed and 52,000 accounts were recreated. We were concerned about such a large-scale change, but the folks at Orchitech handled everything smoothly.“

Ing. Pavel Poláček
Informatics Centre, J. E. Purkyně University


„Orchitech has been developing our ISIC card management systems for a long time. They managed to keep the data about card holders up-to-date by direct integration with 23 universities, and enabled the interconnection with eduID and mojeID. This made it easier for students to prove their identity and student status.“

Radek Klein

Hewlett-Packard (HP)
Univerzita Pardubice