Each company is unique, with specific IT infrastructure and business processes. We work with our customers to find solutions that are optimal not only for their environment, but also for their financial capabilities.

Instead of products that are overloaded with features that you have to adapt to, we offer a modular “framework” that is perfectly tuned for you. So you can start with a minimalist solution and gradually expand it according to your current needs. This is not a completely customised development, but a suitable combination of pre-built components which are regularly updated to ensure long-term sustainability.

We usually deliver solutions using open-source, to the development of which we contribute ourselves. This way, there is no risk of vendor lock-in and you can be sure that you will not lose the opportunity to develop the software in the future.
We can also provide support for commercial products and integration of software-as-a-service solutions.

Do you have a specific problem? We are able to help with a wide range of applications including non-standard and complicated solutions. Contact us and we will do our best to help you.

Why Orchitech?

We take the approach of “we know why it works” instead of “somehow it works”, and apply software engineering best practices to ensure your application runs smoothly:

  • Testing configurations and integrations as a part of test-driven development. Modifying rules is no longer a nightmare, tests reveal the unintended effects of changes which result in high reliability;
  • Semantic data model instead of meaningless generic tables understood only by the proprietary product;
  • CI/CD for efficient and reliable distribution of updates;
  • Supply chain security for ensuring security at the software delivery level;
  • Zero config instead of golden images, mandatory code reviews by experienced staff, and more…

Identity & Access Management with Wren Security

Community-managed open-source software for comprehensive and flexible Identity Management.

Upgrade OpenAM to Wren:AM

Running outdated OSS versions of OpenAM (or OpenIDM) previously developed by ForgeRock? We can help you upgrading to a supported fork – Wren Security – without any issues.


Do the changes to the Cybersecurity Act required by NIS2 apply to you? Implementing identity management tools will ensure you comply with the relevant sections.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Strong multi-factor authentication as the primary prevention of password leakage.

Loyalty programs & discount portals

Using secure customer Identity Management, we can help you to build systems to manage, search and apply discounts or loyalty programs for your customers.

Zero Trust

A zero-trust approach will increase security by verifying the user at all levels of digital interaction.

Specialized Single-Sign-On with CAS

Solutions above Apereo CAS (Central Authentication Service) find their use in sinlge sign-on projects where the goal is not to convert the entire infrastructure to work with a dedicated AM server.

Privileged Identity Management P(IM/AM)

Manage and audit all user access and permissions to privileged accounts (admin, service, contractor, external, application, etc.).