Under the idm.systems brand we develop and implement information security systems for companies and we are really good at it. We manage identities and accounts of employees, contractors, customers and students. In order for everything to work well together, we make sure data integration is done properly.

Identity management will ensure that users have exactly the type of access they need to have for their work, and not others. Management decides, IT department operates, Orchitech team creates a solution.

Accounts and identities
under control

in the right hands

without compromises

Financial savings

User Interface

Access management

Wren:AM is a community-managed open-source software which evolved from OpenAM. Wren:AM is a suitable platform for enterprise solution of access management and SSO.

Orchitech provides commercial maintenance and support. Switching to Wren:AM is a clear choice for customers who have been using the deprecated OpenAM or OpenSSO until today.

Users verified using
your rules

High availability and
security guaranteed

SSO adhering to your
Corporate Identity

Reliable integrations
for your Partners

Savings when switching
from OpenAM

The Wren:AM solution provides an XACML engine with user-defined policies, and allows policies to be transferred between different environments. Deploying information systems is a sensitive process – we will make sure that there are no nasty surprises during the transition to production.

Our solutions combine the extensibility of Wren:AM with procedures where even upgrading a highly customized solution is not a problem.

Solutions over Apereo CAS (Central Authentication Service) are used in SSO projects where the goal is not to transfer the entire infrastructure to work with a dedicated AM server.

We use the open-source variant of CAS where a lightweight solution is suitable to have, with the possibility of replacing some components with a customer implementation. Therefore is not a problem to run SSO over an existing database or any API.

Do you have several applications and want to unify access to them? Do you run one application in several data centers and want to transfer the identity of the client? Then the customer solution over CAS is for you.