On our Identity Management (IdM) and Access Management (AM) we mainly use software from Wren Security, a suite of open-source tools for securing your IT environment and managing user access to your systems and data. Their flexibility allows us to design solutions that are not only seamless and secure but also perfectly tailored to your environment.

About Wren Security

The Wren Security project suite provides all the building blocks of an IAM solution. These open-source projects were previously developed by Sun Microsystems and ForgeRock but their support was discontinued in 2016. The projects thus originated by separating from their predecessors and became Wren:AM (OpenAM), Wren:DS (OpenDJ), and Wren:IDM (OpenIDM). All are actively developed and supported by a global community, in which Orchitech Solutions plays a leading role. If you operate any of the projects in the original version, upgrading to Wren products is the easiest way to ensure that the systems in your organization will be functional, secure, and supported in the future.


An identity management system with a flexible data model, many extension points, and scripting support (Groovy and JavaScript). Through the integrated Identity Connector Framework, it can connect to a wide range of systems and manage them.


An “all-in-one” access management solution that provides strong and adaptive authentication, authorization, single sign-on (SSO), entitlements, federation, and web services security. With Wren:AM, you can also rely on full support for OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect.


The LDAPv3 compatible directory service provides a highly performant and secure storage for identities managed by your organization. Its easy installation process, combined with the power of the Java platform makes Wren:DS the simplest, fastest directory to deploy and manage.



An umbrella brand that includes a community-developed Identity Connector Framework and a set of connectors ready for use in production – LDAP, Office 365, SSH, SQL, PowerShell, REST, and many other connectors directly from Wren Security or other developers.

Our approach

The key to success is to thoroughly understand the needs, problems and specifics of our customers’ environments and to minimize the risks associated with this system. Therefore, we typically follow these steps:

  • We evaluate the state of accounts, systems, including their management, and propose the next steps.
  • We analyze your systems, needs, and processes in a feasibility study. We will then offer you an optimal solution.
  • We take care of the development and implementation of the system, including the necessary integrations and carefully planned migration.
  • As part of long-term support, we ensure seamless operation, rapid problem-solving, and continuous monitoring of all systems.

In our understanding of IAM projects, the deployment of a product is only a part of the whole process. Whether it’s open-source products with Wren Security or any others, the quality of the project team and the scope of services provided determine the success. The basis of our approach is to solve the entire problem for the customer. This approach may be more expensive, but it will transform your investment into a corresponding value.

Is the solution with Wren Security suitable?

Every collaboration starts with a non-binding consultation to make sure the new solution is the right choice for you. We have been dealing with identity and access management for a long time and we know the benefits and pitfalls of its introduction. Therefore, we recommend first assessing the current situation and conducting a feasibility study.